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Cancer Research and Foundation News

Treatment Options for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Expand and Evolve

October 16, 2012

New results from three clinical trials highlight the evolving treatment options for women who have HER2-positive breast cancer. These cancers, which produce too much HER2 receptor protein, are a particularly aggressive form of the disease and account for approximately 20 percent of all breast cancer diagnoses.

Rare Breast Cancer Poses Challenges

October 5, 2012

Chances are good that most people still haven’t heard of a particularly aggressive type of the disease known as inflammatory breast cancer. Mammograms often aren’t effective in detecting this type of cancer because there may be no discernible lump. As with any cancer, the earlier it’s detected, the better. Click article title for more>

Major cancer protein amplifies global gene expression

September 27, 2012

Scientists may have discovered why a protein called MYC can provoke a variety of cancers. Unlike many other cell growth regulators, MYC does not turn genes on or off, but instead boosts the expression of genes that are already turned on. These findings could lead to new therapeutic strategies for some cancers.

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