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Xing (Lucy) Liu, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (Liaoning, China), 2002
  • M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (Liaoning, China), 1999
  • B.S. in Pharmacy, Xinjiang Medical University (Xinjiang, China), 1990

Post-doctoral Training

  • Washington State University (Pullman, WA) - 2004
  • University of Houston (Houston, TX) – 2006

Area of Interest

  • Drug Development
  • PK/PD, Absorption and Metabolism; Bio-distribution
  • Drug delivery system, Formulation

Current Position

  • Research Scientist, CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation

Professional Organization Memberships

  • American Association for Cancer Research
  • American Association for Pharmaceutical Science

Representative Publications

Z. Cao, J. Mendoza, A. Kozielski, X. Liu, A. DeJesus, Y. Wang, CG Zhan, D. Vardeman, B. Giovanella. Anticancer Activity of New Haloalkyl Camptothecin Esters against Human Cancer Cell Lines and Human Tunor Xenografts Grown in Nude Mice. 2012. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry 12:818-828

Xing Liu, John Mendoza, Albert DeJesus, Dana Vardeman, Zhisong Cao and Beppino Giovanella. Comparative Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution of CZ48 Loaded in Copolymers by Hot Melt Extrusion Technology after Oral Administration in Healthy Nude Mice. AAPS 2011

Xing Liu, Albert DeJesus, Zhisong Cao and Beppino Giovanella. The differences in intestinal absorptions between CZ48 and its parental Camptothecin. AACR 2010

Xing Liu, Albert DeJesus, Dana Vardeman, Zhisong Cao and Beppino Giovanella. Solubilization, preformulation and pharmacokinetic studies on CZ48. AAPS 2010

Xing Liu, Albert DeJesus, Dana Vardeman, Zhisong Cao and Beppino Giovanella. In vitro biotransformation of CZ48 in human and mouse liver microsomes. AAPS 2010

Zhisong Cao, Anthony Kozielski, Xing Liu, Yang Wang, Dana Vardeman, Beppino Giovanella. Crystalline Camptothecin-20 (S)-O-Propionate Hydrate (CZ48) –A Novel Anticancer Agent with Strong Activity against 19 Human Tumor Xenografts. Cancer Research 2009, 69 (11): OF 1-8.

X. Liu, Y. Wang, D. Vardeman, Z. Cao, B. Giovanella. Metabolism, distribution and excretion of CZ48, a new anti-cancer drug candidate, in healthy nude mice. AACR 2009

X. Liu, Y. Wang, D. Vardeman, Z. Cao, B. Giovanella. Investigation of anti-cancer activity of CZ48 in nude mice with solid tumor xenografts model. AACR 2009

Liu X, Wang Y, Vardeman D, Cao Z, Giovanella B. Development and validation of a reverse-phase HPLC with fluorescence detector method for simultaneous determination of CZ48 and its active metabolite camptothecin in mouse plasma. J Chromatogr B. 2008, 867: 84-89.

X. Liu, Y. Wang, D. Vardeman, Z. Cao, B. Giovanella. Plasma concentrations of CZ48 and its metabolite CPT after oral administration of single doses in nude mice. AACR 2008

Xing Liu, Vincent H. Tam and Ming Hu. Disposition of flavonoids via enteric recycling: determination of the UDP-glucuronosyltransferase isoforms responsible for the metabolism of flavonoids in intact Caco-2 TC7 cells using siRNA.. Mol Pharm. 2007, 4(6):873-82.

Joseph TB, Wang SW, Liu X, Kulkarni KH, Wang J, Xu H, Hu M. Disposition of flavonoids via enteric recycling: enzyme stability affects characterization of prunetin glucuronidation across species, organs, and UGT isoforms. Mol Pharm. 2007, 4(6):883-94.

Eun Ju Jeong, Xing Liu, Xiaobin Jia, Jun Chen and Ming Hu. Coupling of Conjugating Enzymes and Efflux Transporters: Impact on Bioavailability and Drug Intections. Curr. Drug Metab. 2005, 6(5):455-68.

Liu Xing, CHEN Dawei, ZHANG Rongqing, XIE Liping, ZHANG Ruhua. Studies on the stability of anti-prothrombin activity in bee venom in vitro. Chinese Journal of Biochemical Pharmaceutics 2004, 25 (6): 16-19.

Xing Liu, Dawei Chen, Rongqing Zhang. Oral colon-specific drug delivery for bee venom peptide: Development of a coated-calcium alginate gel beads-entrapped liposome. Journal of Controlled Release. 2003, 93(3):293-300.

Xing Liu, Dawei Chen, Rongqing Zhang. A sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for evaluating the concentration of bee venom in rat plasma. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2003, 55:1359-63.

Xing Liu, Dawei Chen, Ruhua Zhang. Monolithic osmotic tablet for nifedipine delivery in vitro and in vivo evaluation. Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm. 2003, 29(7):8-13.

Xing Liu, Dawei Chen, Ruhua Zhang. Assay of the bee venom oral colon delivery pellets. Journal of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. 2003, 20 (1): 17-18.

Xing Liu, Dawei Chen, Rongqing Zhang. The effect of honey bee venom on proliferation of K1735M2 mouse melanoma cell in vitro and growth of murine B16 melanoma in vivo. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2002, 54 (8): 1083-1089.

Liu Xing, Chen Dawei, Xie Liping, Zhang Rongqing. Evaluation of colon-specific drug delivery system for bee venom peptide in vitro and in vivo. 2002 Annual meeting of Chinese Association Pharmaceutical Scientists. Shanghai, China, October 11-16, 2002

Dawei Chen, Xing Liu, Ruhua Zhang. Studys on preparation and dissolution of the solid dispersions of Nifedipine-Polyvinylpyrrolidone. Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal. 2000, 35(9): 598-600.

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