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John Mendoza


  • B.S.,  Biology, University of Houston, Houston, Texas 1977

Current Position

  • Tissue Culture Supervisor, CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation

Area of Interest

  • Cell Culture
  • Chemotherapy Screening
  • Drug Development

Representative Publications

Z. Cao, J. Mendoza, A. Kozielski, X. Liu, A. DeJesus, Y. Wang, CG Zhan, D. Vardeman, B. Giovanella. Anticancer Activity of New Haloalkyl Camptothecin Esters against Human Cancer Cell Lines and Human Tunor Xenografts Grown in Nude Mice. 2012. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry 12:818-828

Zhisong Cao, John Mendoza, Albert DeJesus, Dana Vardeman, Beppino Giovanella.  Synthesis and antitumor activity of aromatic camptothecin esters.  2008.  International Journal of Molecular Medicine  21:477-487

Zhisong Cao, John Mendoza, Albert DeJesus, Beppino Giovanella. Structure-activity relationship of camptothecin esters. IV. Synthesis and anti-tumor activity of alkenyl camptothecin esters. 2005.   Acta Pharmacoligica Sinica 26(2): 235-241

Verschraegen, C.F., W. Hu, Y. Du, J. Mendoza, J. Early, M. Deavers, R.S.Freedman, R.C. Bast, Jr., A.P. Kudelka, J.J. 2003.  Establishment and Characterization of Cancer Cell Cultures and Xenografts Derived from Primary or Metastatic Mullerian Cancers.  Clin Cancer Res. 9: 845-852

Zhisong Cao, Panayotis Pantazis, John Mendoza, Janet Early, Anthony Kozielski, Nick Harris, Beppino Giovanella.  2003.  Structure-Activity Relationship of Alkyl 9-Nitrocamptothecin Esters. Acta Pharmacoligica Sinica 24(2):109-119.

Cao, Z., P. Pantazis, J. Mendoza, J. Early, A. Kozielski, N. Harris, J. Liehr, J. Stehlin and B. Giovanella.  Structure-activity relationship of alkyl 9-nitrocamptothecin esters.  2001. Recent Res Devel in Med Chem. 1:157-171

Z. Cao, J. Mendoza, J. Early, and B. Giovanella.  The structure-antitumor activity relationship of camptothecin esters.   2000.  Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. Vol. 922:122 – 135

Potmesil M., Dana Vardeman, Anthony J. Kozielski, John Mendoza, John S. Stehlin and    Beppino C. Giovanella.  1995.  Growth Inhibition of Human Cancer Metastases by Camptothecins in Newly Developed Xenograft Models.  Cancer Res. 55: 5637-5641

Verschraegen, C.F., J.T. Mendoza, A.J. Kozielski, and B.C. Giovanella. 1995. Modulation of the Response to Chemotherapy in a Human Melanoma Clone by the Site of Growth in the Nude Mouse.  Anticancer Res. 15:9-12

Pantazis, P., Vardeman, D., Mendoza, J., Early, J., Kozielski, A., DeJesus, A., and Giovanella, B.  1995. Sensitivity of camptothecin resistant human leukemia cells and tumors to anticancer drugs with diverse mechanisms of action.  Leukemia Res. 19:43-55

Pantazis, P., Early, J.A., Kozielski, A.J., Mendoza, J.T., Hinz, H.R., and Giovanella, B.C. 1993. Regression of human breast carcinoma tumors in immunodeficient mice treated with 9-nitro-camptothecin: Differential response of nontumorigenic and tumorigenic human breast cells in vitro.  Cancer Res. 53:1577-1582

Pantazis, P., Kozielski, A.J., Mendoza, J.T., Early, J.A., Hinz, H.R., and Giovanella, B.C. 1993.Camptothecin derivatives induce regression of human ovarian carcinomas grown in nude mice and distinguish between nontumorigenic and tumorigenic cells in vitro.  Intl J Cancer 55:863-871.

Pantazis, P., Mendoza, J.T., Kozielski, A.J., Natelson, E.A., and Giovanella, B.C. 1993.  9-nitro-camptothecin delays growth of U-937 leukemia tumors in nude mice and is cytotoxic or cytostatic for human myelomonocytic leukemic lines in vitro.  Eur J Haematology 50:81-89.

Pantazis, P., Hinz, H.R., Mendoza, J.T., Kozielski, A.J., Williams, L.J., Stehlin, J.S., and Giovanella, B.C. 1992.  Complete inhibition of growth followed by death of human malignant melanoma cells in vitro and regression of human melanoma xenografts in immunodeficient mice induced by camptothecins.  Cancer Res. 52:3980-3987

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