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Foundation Leadership


  • Robert F. (Bobby) Anderson (contact)

Board of Trustees


  • Kim D. Wheless

Vice Chairman

  • Michael A. Meagher


  • Victoria L. Brown, PhD
  • George S. Conklin
  • John A. Gillean, MD
  • Beppino C. Giovanella, PhD
  • John E. Hine
  • Peter D. de Ipolyi, MD
  • Raymond J. Khoury
  • Donna S. Lewis
  • Ethan A. Natelson, MD
  • Sister Rosanne Popp, MD
  • Michael W. Ross, PhD
  • Thomas C. Royer, MD
  • Lin Mills Smolensky
  • John S. Stehlin, Jr., MD
  • Nancy B. White


Two Houston CHRISTUS Hospitals and Stehlin Soon to Join Houston Methodist

CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research will join CHRISTUS St. Catherine and CHRISTUS St. John in a new partnership with Houston Methodist.

Nearly 14 Million Cancer Survivors in U.S.

There are currently 13.7 million cancer survivors in the United States and the number is expected to rise by 31 percent to 18 million by 2022, according to a new report. >> Click article title for more.

'Watchful Waiting' Often Best for Older Kidney Cancer Patients

A new study suggests that sometimes simply watching and waiting is a safe alternative to surgery for older patients with small kidney tumors. A surgical oncologist said that the findings, "should allow clinicians and patients to feel more comfortable about surveillance, particularly for the 'oldest old' and those patients with multiple [other health conditions] that would make surgery especially high risk." >> Click on article title for more.

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We don't treat cancer. Cancer is a thing. We treat the frightened human being who has cancer. Fear is an inherent feature of cancer, and there is only one antidote - Hope.”

Dr. John Stehlin,

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