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At the Research Bench

Cancer research is a painstaking process, requiring dedication, imagination, and optimism.

The CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation has pioneered anticancer drug and treatment studies for more than 40 years. Below are short overviews of some of the exciting projects currently underway in the Stehlin lab.

Testing CZ48 – an Oral Drug for Cancer Treatment

The Foundation received approval from the FDA and is now conducting human clinical trials for CZ48, a promising anticancer drug derived from the camptothecin tree. CZ48 has been shown effective against a variety of human cancers in preclinical testing.

Establishing the First Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Cell Library

CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation is working to create the first full repository of human prostate cancer tumors grown in animal models. The results will be made available to the worldwide scientific community, advancing the field as a whole. This is very similar to the Foundation’s role establishing the first breast cancer tumor lines 35 years ago, which led to collaboration with Dr. Dennis Slamon resulting in the development of Herceptin®, an effective anticancer drug against certain aggressive breast cancers.

Investigating More Effective Heat Treatment for Cancer

Researchers at the CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation recently launched a new study to continue investigation into the effectiveness of hyperthermia as an anticancer treatment. Dr. Giovanella and his team plan to specifically and selectively heat all of the cancer cells in tumors grown in the the laboratory’s nude mice in a way that causes complete destruction.

Development of an Improved Mouse Model for Drug Testing

CHRISTUS Stehlin scientists will perform pharmacological experiments on the first “humanized” mice with livers 50-100% compatible with those of human beings.  We have been collaborating with scientists at the Oregon Health & Science University team on this important breakthrough.


Reasons for Hope

I have been constantly impressed not only with the CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation’s rich legacy of transformative research, but also the tenacious commitment of foundation staff to the vision of Dr. Stehlin. A connection between this vision and the mission of our sponsoring congregations was immediately clear, as both seek not only to treat illness, but also honor the dignity inherent in every person.”

Tom Royer, M.D.,
CEO Emeritus, CHRISTUS Health, 2011


Two Houston CHRISTUS Hospitals and Stehlin Soon to Join Houston Methodist

CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research will join CHRISTUS St. Catherine and CHRISTUS St. John in a new partnership with Houston Methodist.

Nearly 14 Million Cancer Survivors in U.S.

There are currently 13.7 million cancer survivors in the United States and the number is expected to rise by 31 percent to 18 million by 2022, according to a new report. >> Click article title for more.

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